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Nomadic Minds is a network of tech CEOs and top executives who have built companies that today represent $20B+ in total value. They travel the world, helping emerging startups ecosystems to reach their full potential.

We skyrocket startups ecosystems by connecting accelerators, conferences and startups communities with the best investors and mentors from the Valley and Europe.

We work with Governments


And some of the best companies in the world

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Our mentors 🎓

Everyone at Nomadic Minds has deep, high-level experience at innovative ground-breaking companies based in Silicon Valley. They’ve raised millions, experienced hypergrowth, and successfully sold companies. They’re the ones who can spot the steps to follow when innovating within a given industry.


What we do 😎

We skyrocket your startup ecosystem growth. Nomadic analyze your ecosystem needs (fundraising, expansion etc) and:

  1. bring to you the most successful investors and entrepreneurs, so you learn their best practices.
  2. organize expeditions in the tech hotspots (SF,Shenzen etc) to fundraise and get new customers/ partners

Nomadic Minds: The largest network of Silicon Valley CEOs in the world

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