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The best ofSilicon Valleycomes to you

Nomadic Minds brings top Silicon Valley founders and operators to speak at your company, giving your employees the best of startup knowledge, know-how and mindset.

“Our community of Silicon Valley doers isn't just a bunch of speakers - they’re Nomadic Minds, traveling the world to teach and learn.”


It’s high time learning to learn 🎓

In the digital world, success comes with adaptability. Adaptability to new tech tools, to new work habits, to change. That’s why the Silicon Valley mindset is one of freely sharing the experiences that went into building the most innovative ecosystem in the world. Learning continuously is becoming standard for all corporations.


Learning from the source is far more refreshing 😎

Learning directly from successful business creators ensures you get the best knowledge without any dilution. They transmit their inventive passion to you, opening new horizons and creating breakthrough moments!


Pay it forward ⚡

We select our speakers for their unique experience and outstanding storytelling skills as well as their willingness to give back. Take advantage of this opportunity by maximizing your interactions with them: ask questions, talk about real experiences, brainstorm. So enjoy it today and embrace the spirit of sharing tomorrow!


We should all give back 💫

Our speakers are well aware that their success is due to the help, advice and support from which they benefited. Now they want to give back by helping other companies and startups to grow. Nomadic Minds makes it easy for you to give back, too: by booking one speaker, you’re also giving one free conference to a local startup organization.

Use Nomadic Minds to find and book the perfect speaker for your event.

The perfect speaker is the one who will inspire your audience by sharing their genuine, unique story, including successes and insightful mistakes. All those facts and tips will show attendees’ a fresh, innovative mindset and provide actionable tools to boost their professional life.

Book one, sponsor one for free! 🌴

For each speaker you book, the same speaker will give a conference for free at an incubator or startup in your local area. You help others by helping yourself!