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Nomadic Minds is a network of tech CEOs and top executives who have built companies that today represent $20B+ in total value. They travel the world, helping corporations and governments to effectively innovate and grow.

To innovate for real, you need access to real innovators. You need the largest network of Silicon Valley CEOs in the world: Nomadic Minds

We work with Governments


And some of the best companies in the world

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Our mentors 🎓

Everyone at Nomadic Minds has deep, high-level experience at innovative ground-breaking companies based in Silicon Valley. They’ve raised millions, experienced hypergrowth, and successfully sold companies. They’re the ones who can spot the steps to follow when innovating within a given industry.


Why they do it 😎

Our mentors help you carry on your innovative project within your organization. These mentors joined Nomadic Minds to to travel the globe, helping companies, governments, and startup ecosystems to thrive in the digital world.


Corporate innovation is broken ⚡

The vast majority of traditional innovation programs produce no results, finishing in frustration and dead ends. The formats don’t fit each individual situation, and the knowledge is more theoretical than practical.


What Nomadic Minds can do for you 💫

Whether you’re a publicly traded company looking to keep up with the latest tech and organizational trends, or a government wanting to boost the strength of the local startup ecosystem, we can organize a cycle of seminars, workshops, conferences, and events with the people who fit your organization’s needs.

Nomadic Minds: The largest network of Silicon Valley CEOs in the world

It might seem obvious, but if you want your teams to learn about how to innovate and grow, you need to bring in people that have done it themselves. Nomadic Minds is all about learning from doers.

Bring Silicon Valley’s most disruptive innovators right to your office. 🌴

Contact us today, and we’ll help you identify the right mentors, arranging the office hours, seminars, 1-on-1 meetings, and anything else that will help to solve your organization’s problems.